Guinness World Records

Bored at Home? Try to Break These Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

Have you ever wondered how people are inspired to set Guinness World Record? We bet half the time it was boredom. Well, now that you’re stuck at home, there are tons of records you can try to set or break. Here are some you might want to explore.

Most balloons burst within 30 seconds.

You can try to break Ashrita Furman’s record by bursting more than 50 balloons in 30 seconds. All balloons must be inflated to a diameter of 20cm or more.

The fastest time to unroll a roll of toilet paper in one hand

To beat this, you have to unroll a roll of toilet paper using one hand in less than 9.8 seconds.

  • Fastest time to sort alphabets from alphabet swap letters
  • Do you think you can find all 26 letters and arrange them alphabetically in less than 3 minutes and 21 seconds?
  • If so, you may have a chance to beat him.
  • Fastest time to order Mr. Potato Head
  • If you think you can put the right features in this kids toy.

Fastest 100-meter Hula Hooping

Work those hips! If you’re fast enough to hula hoop one meter in less than 15.97 seconds,. You have a chance to beat him. Under 6.62 seconds, you are welcome to try your luck.

Biggest bubble blow with bubble gum

Those with larger lung capacity can see if they can blow a bubble larger than 50.8 cm. No hands allowed! Most Smarties/M&Ms are eaten with chopsticks in under a minute. Now here’s an original… and delicious too! Do you think you can set a world record by eating more than 20?

Most dice are stacked using chopsticks.

Another one that requires skill with chopsticks, if you are able to stack more than 44 in a minute. You have a chance to beat it.

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The greatest distance for a pea to fly

This is perfect for those who have a lot of hot air! Guinness World Records: Find out if you can blow a pea more than 41 feet 3.5 inches using a single breath!

Fastest Jenna tower building

This two-person team built a 30-level Jenna tower in just 51.04 seconds.

Think you can do better?

  • Most dominoes stack in 30 seconds.
  • This is another challenge that requires a steady hand.
  • If you’re able to stack more than 48, you have a real shot at it.
  • Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds
  • The real challenge may be finding enough toilet paper to beat that record.
  • You will need at least 28 rolls!

The bar is set pretty high. Which of them do you think you will be able to defeat?

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